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We want to welcome you to The Positive Vibe Tribe.

The Positive Vibration as a social movement means nothing without the community behind it. 

Our goal with this group is to connect people who want to pursue their dreams, spread the good vibes, and make the most out of life.

Please use it to connect with others, get inspired, and go out and #BeTheVibe you wish to see in the world.


Michael A. Blackwell

Michael A. Blackwell

Being The Change I Wish To See

You never know who you're going to meet and how you can help each other. It's easy to be nice; don't be an asshole.

You never know who you're going to meet and how you can help one another. 

Callum Barton

Callum Barton

Everyday Superhero

I believe the healthier and happier we can become, the more beautiful this thing we call life will be.

So...who’s ready to say yes to life?


Be Positive

This is a place for people to connect, share, and get inspired. Don’t gossip about The Positive Vibration and be nice to each other.

Share the good sh*t!

This isn’t a feed to share what you ate for lunch (unless it was life changing). But rather a place to share life tips and stories about positivity and enriching life experiences.

Do not share lame links of any kind.

We want to keep this space as relevant, inspirational and impactful as possible. So keep it clean.

No self-promotion or spam yo!

Give more than you take from this group. Self-promotion or promotion of any kind and spam is not allowed. Don’t be a dick.

Have fun!

What is the point of life if not to enjoy it. Have fun in this group and with these like minded humans.

Do try this at home!

Lean in to the beautiful discomfort and get out of your comfort zone. The Positive Vibration is here to inspire you lead by example and act.


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