Affiliate Disclaimer

Some Links or URLs on this Website May Be Affiliate Links Of Ours

This website is 100% from Michael Blackwell and Callum Barton’s hearts and souls.  Anything we promote or create is something that we firmly, 100%, believe in and condone.  Some companies may offer us monetary incentives to promote their products through our website.  We only do this with company’s that we use anyways.

Say It In Normal Words, Please

Basically, we use products and services and, these companies that we already use, pay us to ‘officially’ promote their products/services.

We are essentially a salesman that is working on 100% commission.  We don’t get paid unless we make a sale – but we also aren’t selling anything that we aren’t already using – in other words, you can’t pay us to support your product, it has to be something we’re already using.

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